The Daedalus Projects is the New Works / Script Development Program with Swandive Theatre. Since joining forces with resident playwright Justin Maxwell in 2015, Swandive has created The Daedalus Projects; a place for playwrights to artfully craft and construct new works. Through workshops, readings, public talk backs, and with the assistance of the Swandive Artistic team, playwrights can weave their way through the numberless winding passages and turns in the labyrinth of creating new work.

Swandive's unique All-In” approach provides a focus on the design and technical elements informing the fully imagined world of the playwright during the development process. By bringing together all artists from the very beginning; actors, designers, producers, the playwright can get a 360 degree view of the world they are creating and receive valuable feedback that pushes their visions to new heights.

Current Projects:

Canopic Jar of my Sins: a medieval morality play for later-day postmodernists by Justin Maxwell

Swandive has teamed up with Justin Maxwell, the mind behind 'An Outopia for Pigeons', for a new absurd-esk script adventure with The Canopic Jar of My Sins A Medieval Morality Play for Latter-Day Postmodernists - A dark comedy about culpability, Ralph Wiley, the inventor of modern plastic, is forced into a show trial adjudicated by, an angel, a dead bird and The Roger Waters. After the trial things get strange. 

Scheduled to hit Minneapolis in fall 2018


mONSTER by Minneapolis playwright Sam Graber

Nov 2016 -The first workshop / development reading of Sam Graber's Monster officially kicked off THE DAEDALUS PROJECTS on Nov 17th! Thanks to our wonderful actors: Becca Hart, Debra Berger & Nathan Gebhard. 

JUNE 2017 - After 7 months of writing, readings and lots of conversations, mONSTER is moving into its workshop phase! We are super excited to get this script on to its feet and play around with these characters and words. We have assembled a kick ass cast to bring Nessa, Brill and Greg to life for the first time; Nora Rickey, Kathryn Fumie and Avi Aharoni!  Stay tuned for workshop happenings! 

August 2017 - mONSTER went in to full production rehearsals for the world premier in mid August for a September 29th Opening night at the Southern Theater in MPLS Featuring: Jamie Fields, Kelsey McMahon & Avi Aharoni. Get performance and ticket information HERE


Palimpsests of Agrippina Minor by Justin Maxwell

June 2017 - Swandivies first table read of resident playwright Justin Maxwell's newest play, The Palimpsests of Agrippina Minor. Thanks to Kendall Kent, Kathryn Fumie & Michael Ooms for reading!


Who is Daedalus?

Daedalus was a craftsman and artist. Creator of the Labyrinth and father of Icarus. The story goes...he gave [the Labyrinth] numberless winding passages and turns that opened into one another, seeming to have neither beginning nor end. The story thus encourages others to consider the long-term consequences of their own inventions with great care...As in the tale of Icarus' wings,

The most familiar literary telling explaining Daedalus' wings is that of Ovid: in his MetamorphosesDaedalus was shut up in a tower to prevent his knowledge of his Labyrinth from spreading to the public. Daedalus set to work to fabricate wings for himself and his young son Icarus. He tied feathers together, from smallest to largest so as to form an increasing surface. He secured the feathers at their midpoints with string and at their bases with wax, and gave the whole a gentle curvature like the wings of a bird. When the work was done, the artist, waving his wings, found himself buoyed upward and hung suspended, poising himself on the beaten air. He next equipped his son in the same manner, and taught him how to fly. When both were prepared for flight, Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too high, because the heat of the sun would melt the wax, nor too low, because the sea foam would soak the feathers.

They had passed SamosDelos and Lebynthos by the time the boy, forgetting himself, began to soar upward toward the sun. The blazing sun softened the wax that held the feathers together and they came off. Icarus quickly fell in the sea and drowned. His father cried, bitterly lamenting his own arts, and called the land near the place where Icarus fell into the ocean Icaria in memory of his child.

Justin Maxwell - resident playwright

Justin Maxwell’s collection of short plays, A Blinded Horse Dreams of Hippocampi and Other Plays is forthcoming from Alligator Pear Publishing. An Outopia for Pigeons premiered at Swandive Theatre in Minneapolis, received its regional premier at The Shadowbox Theatre in New Orleans, and received staged readings around the country. Justin has recently published a play in the literary journal Eleven Eleven, and his prose has appeared in various journals, including The Fourth RiverContemporary Theatre ReviewAmerican Theatre MagazineRain Taxi Review of BooksMinnesota History, and othersJustin is an assistant professor at the University of New Orleans, where he teaches playwriting in their MFA program.


Justin Maxwell's new book of short plays, A Blinded Horse Dreams of Hippocampi - is NOW AVAILABLE! 

“Tricked-out and tripped-out, the melancholy fervor of Maxwell’s works for theatre exemplify a kind of tattered walk through variegated modes of ecstasy: bliss, joy, rage, delirium, mania and even a kind of serenity. His plays conjure worlds of fantasy, terror, and absolute defiance. The ecstatic drive coursing through these plays is nothing if not resistant to trend, consumerist theatrical maneuvers, and plain ol’ logic.” from Foreword by OBIE Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Caridad Svich

Click HERE to get your copy via Amazon

Thanks to Alligator Pear Publishing 


Want to work with Swandive as a Daedalus Artist?? Awesome! This is super new and we're still working out the logistics, but in the meantime drop us an email!