What is A Living room tour?

Just what is sounds like! Every spring Swandive finds a few excellent, dedicated actors and a script that can easily be performed in a single location and presents it in living rooms across the cities. The shows are intense, intimate, and immediate.

What's it like to be a host?

If you have a living room (size doesn't matter) and some friends you can host a living room tour performance. Hosts choose from a range of dates and times, invite their friends, and provide light refreshments, Swandive provides a high quality, thought provoking 60 minutes show. At the end of the night there is a brief fundraising appeal (don't worry, we'll do all the talking) to support the actors. 

What’s this years show?

2019’s show Stranded on Earth, by Eric Coble, stars Nicole Goeden as Alex. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, Stranded on Earth explores the cost of putting down roots and the cost of breaking free.

Interested in hosting?

Email us at info@swandivetheatre.net