2017 - mONSTER by Sam Graber - Directed by Meg DiSciorio

CAST: Jamie Fields, Kelsey McMahon & Avi Aharoni

DESIGN TEAM: Jesse Cogswell; Sean McArdle; Lisa Conley; Kevin Springer

Living Room Tour 2017 - Good Egg by Dorothy Fortenberry - Directed by Meg DiSciorio & Damon Runnals

CAST: Erin Robers & Bryan Grosso

2016 - KID-SIMPLE: A RADIO PLAY IN THE FLESH by Jordan Harrison - Directed by Damon Runnals & Meg DiSciorio - as part of ARTshare

CAST: Deb Berger; Boo Segersin; Sarah Broude; Kevin McLaughlin; Kip Dooley; Nathan Gebhard & Derek Trost as The Third Ear

DESIGN TEAM: Jesse Cogswell; Annie Henley; Lucas Skjaret; Ian Knodel; Nathan Gebhard & Derek Trost

2015 - DEFYING GRAVITY by Jane Anderson - Directed by Damon Runnals & Meg DiSciorio - Southern Theater as part of ARTshare

CAST: Erin Roberts; Roneet Aliza Rahamin; Lacey Zieler; Bryan Grosso; David Coral & Maggie Scanlan

CREATIVE TEAM: Per Greibrok; Ursula K Bowden; Lisa Conely; Kevin Springer

2014 - FIVE FLIGHTS by Adam Bock  - Directed by Sarah Nargang

CAST: Michael Ooms; Foster Johns; Meaghan DiSciorio; Mykel Pennington; Anna Wakefield & James Lekvin

CREATIVE TEAM: Lisa Conely; Ursula K Bowden; Per Greibrok; Peter Morro

2013 - AN OUTOPIA FOR PIGEONS by Justin Maxwell - Directed by Damon Runnals & Meg DiSciorio

CAST: Addie Phelps; Kathryn Fumie; Kevin McLaughlin & Bryan Grosso

CREATIVE TEAM: Sean McArdle; Ursula K Bowden; Lisa Conely; Kevin Springer; Per Geribrok


2012 - COMPLETE WRKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE ABRIDGED by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, & Jess Winfield - Directed by Damon Runnals & Meg Disciorio

CAST: Paul Rutledge; Bryan Grosso & Ryan Henderson

CREATIVE TEAM: Ursula K Bowden; Lisa Conely; Per Greibrok; Kevin Springer; Sarah Salisbury;

2011 - CRUMBLE(LAY ME DOWN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) by Shelia Callaghan  - Directed by Damon Runnals & Meg Disciorio

CAST: Roneet Aliza Rahamin; Heather Meyer; Arron Koningsmark; Debra Berger & John Zieler

CREATIVE TEAM: Ursula K Bowden; Jen DeGolier; Lisa Conely; Erin McArdle; Kevin Springer; Ian Knodle; Kyle Trus

2010 - THE BALTIMORE WALTZ by Paula Vogel - Directed by Damon Runnals 

CAST: Meaghan DiSciorio; James Lekvin & Damon Runnals 

CREATVE TEAM: Ursula K Bowden; Lindsay Woolward; Sarah Salisbury; Jen DeGolier; Lisa Conely; Kyle Trus

2009 - ALMOST, MAINE by John Cariani - Directed by Steve Bucko

CAST: Rachel Flynn; Kristen Bucko; Damon Runnals; Meaghan DiSciorio; James Lekvin; Josh Vogen & Jason Vogen

CREATIVE TEAM: Kate Loveric; Per Greibrok, Lindsay Woolward; Kyle Trus

2008 - THE PLAY MY MOTHER HATES by M.R. Barnesley - Directed by Damon Runnals 

CAST: Josh Vogen; Rachel Flynn; Meaghan DiSciorio; Steven Bucko; Jason Vogen; Chris McGahn

CREATIVE TEAM: Damon Runnals and Meaghan DiSciori

2007 - INVENTING VAN GOUGH by Steven Deitz - Directed by Damon Runnals

CAST: Shawn Patrick Boyd; James Lekvin; Meaghan DiSciorio; Ben Layne

CREATIVE TEAM: Kristi Ditmarson; Kate Loveric; Kyle Trus