a world premiere

Written by minneapolis playwright sam graber 

Ran Sept 29th - October 7th

A play about the dark beginnings of the World Wide Web.


mONSTER Artistic Team:

Meaghan DiSciorio - Director 

Sam Graber - Playwright

Bryan Grosso - Asst. Director / Social Media

Damon Runnals - Production Director

Sean McArdle - Set Designer

Lisa Conley - Costume Designer

Jesse Cogswell - Lighting Designer

Kevin Springer - Sound Designer

Galen Higgins - Graphic Design


A play about the dark beginnings of the World Wide Web.

In a tiny and cramped college dorm room Nessa and Brill have just met as incoming freshman roommates. Nessa is bounding in energy, eager to conquer every party on campus, wanting to explore all the college experience has to offer. Brill meanwhile never leaves the room. Moreover, Brill never leaves her chair in their room, sitting before a strange digital workstation, emitting grunts of anguish at all times day and night. Nessa finds Brill’s constant presence unbearable and petitions Greg, their dorm RA, to move Brill as far away on campus as possible. But Brill won't switch rooms. Because Brill can’t leave their room. There’s something very important that Brill is doing in this very particular room. And if Brill stops doing it, even for one minute, the world will go berserk.

mONSTER asks: is the culture of online hate a new form of human violence? Or has it always been the monster within us?

Design by Galen Higgins

Design by Galen Higgins

Good egg by dorothy fortenberry

Graphic Design by Galen Higgens

Graphic Design by Galen Higgens

Featuring: Erin Roberts and Bryan Grosso

Erin Roberts 2.jpg

Good Egg by Dorothy Fortenberry

Responsible Meg has always taken care of her bipolar younger brother Matt. But when she decides to get pregnant — and have her embryos screened for bipolar disorder — is she taking the idea of “being responsible” too far? A funny and surprising play about bioethics, siblings, and the limits of unconditional love.

Friday, April 28th - 7:30pm

Good Arts Collective (in the First Covenant Church) - 810 S. 7th St. Minneapolis MN 55415 

Limited seating! GET TICKETS HERE

Notes when attending: 
Please enter the door on the North side of the building (green awning). The door will be locked but there will be a Swandive member there to let you in.

Follow signs up to the the Third Floor for the performance space (The Red Room).

Please note at this time First Covenant Church does not have ADA to the third floor. We apologize for our inability to accommodate folks who can't do stairs.

We will have complimentary beer, cider and wine at the show. Doors at 7:00p feel free to show up, grab a drink and mingle.

2016 Production


Kid-Simple: a radio play in the flesh
by Jordan Harrison
Directed by Meg DiSciorio & Damon Runnals

Moll, a girl who invents things, wins the science fair with a machine for hearing sounds that can't be heard. But when a shapeshifting Mercenary steals the invention (and her heart), she must embark on a quest to save noise as we know it. Accompanied by the last boy-virgin in the eleventh grade, Moll crosses chasms and rafts rivers into a world where sound is always more than what meets the ear. A quirky fable of innocence and experience, featuring live sound effects, mutinous onomatopoeia, and a host of woodsy temptations.

Kid-Simple runs April 29, 2016-May 21, 2016 at The Southern Theater as part of ARTshare. Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets or visit the ARTshare page.

Debra Berger
Sarah Broude
Kip Dooley
Nathan Gebhard
Kevin McLaughlin
Boo Segersin

Derek Trost as 'The Third Ear'

Photo / Design by Galen Higgins

Photo / Design by Galen Higgins


Anne Henly- Set
Jesse Cogswell- LIghts
Lucas Skjaret- Costumes
Nathan Gebhard- Video Content
Ian Knodel- Video Production / Design

Derek Trost- Sound/Foley